VMAR JEWELRY is a contemporary jewelry brand that belongs to another realm, where shapes are angular, and metals are bent in ways that defy gravity. With bright colors, bold designs, and an unrequited attention to detail, VMAR approaches luxury with a sense of humor, mixing playfulness with elegance - sobriety with ostentation. All the pieces are highly customizable to let your uniqueness shine through.



VMAR JEWELRY uses the highest quality metals and precious stones. Manufactured in Italy, a haven for haute-joaillerie, the pieces are done combining technology and meticulous handwork.



VMAR JEWELRY founder, Maral Melhem has a very specific vision: she's simply not interested in making jewelry that goes unnoticed.

Maral wanted to create a brand that defies notions of gender and conventions, to create pieces that can be worn day and night, by women and men. And so VMAR JEWELRY was born, as a fruit of love and passion for beauty.

Partnering up with the late Vick Vanlian, Maral started experimenting with designs and materials that are unusual: tinted titanium, futuristic cuts and fun twists became the brand’s DNA.

Maral decided to further develop VMAR JEWELRY as a collective, pairing up with designers from different backgrounds, paying tribute to Vick and his signature aesthetic.


The late Vicken Vanlian was a celebrated designer in the Middle East, and one of the fastest growing designers in the region. Vick’s bold aesthetic paired with his unique personality made everything he touched turn to gold.


Mo Kalache is a multi-disciplinary designer, currently based in Barcelona, this is Kalache’s first encounter with the Jewellery design world – an experience he compares to art direction: starting with a concept, sketches and turning those into 3D objects to materialize his vision. 



The Collections



The Panther is a universal symbol of power and courage. This line was designed to look fresh and striking so that whichever way it is flipped, its diamonds will glimmer in the light, letting your wild side shine. A statement pendant for both men and women, and a totem of strength: made with Titanium, Gold and gemstones using the latest technology.

Fierce and striking, made in titanium, gold and precious or semi-precious gemstones, the Pantera is meant to empower its wearers and set their wild side free.

All the pieces can be customized to your liking and made in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large)


'VMar launching campaign' Eli Rezkallah 2018  © Plastik Studios (6)B.jpg


Wearing your heart on your sleeve is more a sign of power than it is of vulnerability. Rediscover the heart as a symbol of modern love, with these statement pieces, where the metal contrasts nicely against the poppy precious stones. Timeless jewels that can be worn day and night, dressed up or casual.



Numbers have a magical meaning for some of us. They can bring us luck, fortune and even precious memories. Discover this collection that is charged with good intentions for you to wear and radiate mystical vibes.


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